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Precious Little Time

Precious Little Time is a time-travel adventure, mixed with a healthy dose of romance, danger, and murder.

Carrieís life is finally perfect. She loves her job, owns her own home, and has found the love of her life, Delbert. Then in one night, her world comes crashing down: Delbert breaks up with her, and she narrowly escapes the attack of a serial killer. Undeterred by this harrowing experience, she moves to Albany determined to win Delbert back. The Albany house she moves into holds a secret: it transports her to 1929, allowing her to once again foil the serial killer who has tracked her there. In 1929 she meets the original owner of the house, Edison, with whom she finds herself falling in love, despite her best efforts. However, she remains unwavering in her decision to return to her own time to make things right. But someone in 1929 is plotting her death, someone who has already killed once and is determined to see her dead as well. Will Carrie be able to evade another attempt on her life? And what about the serial killer in her own time? Who will stop him?

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Returning Home

Returning Home is a time-travel romance blended with actual historical events and a macrame of intrigue and murder.

Kastina Terrence is a bright and successful physical therapist. Her boyfriend, Tanner McKastner, owns three upscale restaurants. At the wedding of Tannerís younger sister, Kastina finally realizes that her relationship with Tanner is over. Lamenting the end of this relationship, she goes for a stroll in the gardens where the wedding has just taken place. She pauses at the top of a wooden bridge. Suddenly the wind picks up, and she breaks through the bridgeís railing into the stream below and back to 1938 to the wedding of Tannerís grandmother. Kastina knows that his grandmotherís fiancť will be killed by an enraged desk clerk before the wedding can take place. She experiences New York during the Depression, before television, cell phones, and DVDs, and gets to experience the hey day of radio drama, the New York Worldís Fair, Frank Sinatra in live performance, and other actual historical events. She meets Zachary, Tannerís great-uncle, who is an accomplished artist. She knows that Zachary will eventually die of complications from alcoholism. However, despite her best efforts, she falls in love with him.

Will Kastina be able to influence Zachary enough to save him from his fate? Will she be able to prevent Tannerís grandfather from being murdered, and if she does, what will that mean for future generations of the McKastner family?

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Santa's Last Delivery

Santaís Last Delivery is the heart-warming tale of a little girl who reaches out to Santa Claus to give him a special gift. At last Santaís deliveries are nearly completed, and he and the reindeer are looking forward to returning to the North Pole for a long rest. As Santa places the last gifts from his big black bag under the final tree of the year, sleepy eyed Linnie Lu trails into the living room to visit him. When she requests to sit on Santaís lap, he supposes she wants to give him her wish list for next yearís Christmas. But little does he know that the gentle heart of a precious child will impart to him a gift that he will treasure and never forget.

Santaís Last Delivery will have you reminiscing about your own Christmases past, remembering the magic of Christmas Eve through the eyes of a child, and rejoicing in the birth of the Holy Child on that first Christmas long ago.

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My Friend, My Hero

My Friend, My Hero is a time-travel romance laced with mystery, murder, a psychotic kidnapper, and triumph over evil.

When Riley discovers his grandmotherís enchanted necklace, he finds himself transported back in time to the 1930s, his grandmotherís college days. He doesnít know what the tragedy will be or where it will take place, but he knows that his grandmotherís true love dies an unfortunate death after which she marries the man whom Riley nauseatingly remembers as his abusive grandfather. Will he be able to influence history and prevent the untimely death of his grandmotherís true love or is their fate already sealed? If he does alter the past, what will become of Riley? And when the necklace that is his passkey back is lost, how will Riley return to his own time?

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The Luckiest

Soon to come. Check back next Spring for release date!

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