The Reading Corner: novels by Lichelle Christensen

My Friend, My Hero

Chapter One

Stanford raised one hand, then the other, to wipe the beads of nervous perspiration from his forehead. The color drained from his face, and he stepped back, staring at Mr. Wayland. As he did so, his foot slipped on a loose rock. He fell on his back with a thud at the edge of the cliff and began to slide.

Mr. Wayland jumped instinctively and dropped to his belly, grasping at Stanfordís flailing arms. Their arms barely interlocked as Stanford slid off the ledge. Stanford dangled from Mr. Waylandís arm, twisting and thrashing in an attempt to pivot his body around to grasp the edge of the cliff.

Mr. Waylandís face was scarlet, and he panted as he strained to support Stanfordís entire weight over certain death.

ďDonít let go,Ē Stanford said, gasping for air between words.

A vile smile crossed Mr. Waylandís lips, revealing his cracked and tobacco-stained teeth. He released his clasp and Stanfordís arm slipped slowly out of Mr. Waylandís relaxed grasp. He watched with immense pleasure as Stanfordís writhing body plummeted ever downward and found great satisfaction in his cries of terror which echoed repeatedly against the surrounding cliffs. Mr. Wayland didnít stand up until he spitefully witnessed Stanfordís body thud far below on the unforgiving jagged rock. There was lifeless silence.

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